September 2017 Newsletter

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Happy September to you all! We hope you enjoyed the amazing summer and were able to get away for some fun in the sun.

As usual classes were a little lighter during the summer months as everyone gets away on their vacations. We expect to see lots of faces coming back on a regular basis as we enter September and get back to a normal routine with school and winter sports starting. Please remember to register for classes ahead of time using the ZenPlanner app so we can be sure to staff appropriately.

Congrats to Simon Benoit for taking 2nd place at the Canadian Hercules Strongman Comp on August 16. It was an awesome competition with some real giants of Strongman. Very proud of you Simon for applying your combination of CrossFit, Strongman and Powerlifting into 2 major Strongman wins this year. Well Done!

Here is what we have to look forward to this month:

  • Monday Sept 4 – The Dryathlon – Come for a holiday WOD of 2km Row/7km Bike/3km run – Please Bring your Own Bike to get ready to spend more time on the AD than you ever wanted 😉 – Doors Open at 11:30 am
  • Saturday Sept 9th is the Canmore Crusher – Good luck to all those participating
  • Saturday September 9/10 – Bridge City Beatdown in Saskatoon
  • Saturday the 16th is our Annual Summer Showdown – this year it will be held atSoderglen Farms (thanks Scott and Elan Lees) – As usual there will be a competition, food, beverages etc. Wanna compete, sign up your team of 2 on Zen Planner watch Facebook or the 403 News board for more info
  • Monday Sept 18th we have the return of CF Teen’s class. They will now run in 6 week blocks with a one or two week break between blocks
  • Sunday Sept 17th Yoga, Open Gym and Sunday Group class will return to 403.
  • Thursday September 21st Yoga will return to 7:45pm

Accessing the Schedule

Did you know that CrossFit 403 has an APP? You can register for Class ahead of time and check in when you arrive, which is very helpful for the coaches to ensure we are staffed appropriately. You can also purchase products, record your workouts and look ahead to see what crazy WOD is planned for the week, cause YES, we even show you a whole week of WODS. You can find the app in your APP STORE, just search for ZENPLANNER, login and you are Good to Go.

Athlete of the Month – Coach Brittany

This month we selected one of our orignal members from the garage gym, Coach Britt as AoM. I was checking the PR board the other day and saw a lengthy list of PR’s for Brittany and thought we should celebrate her. Brittany is a great athlete, coach, massage therapist, mom of Finn and wife of Kelly. She works hard, is very focused and driven, so much so after many, many, many, many months/years of trying, finally nailed her first Bar Muscle Ups this week. Good job Britt, look forward to seeing you on the competition floor soon too!


Athlete of the Month: Brittany Paisley

Favorite quote: When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self destructive habits or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.

How long CF? 6 years

Other things I like to do? Watch as many movies as possible, read, annoy my husband

Recent PR’s: Back squat 250 Press 110 Snatch 150

Favorite and least favorite movements: Favorite movement is snatch, least favorite is muscle ups-hopefully that will change soon…Scott…muahahaha

Strengths: Not quitting, smack talking pretty much everyone

Goals: Now a Ring muscle up and strict HSPU !!! And a 200lb clean and jerk!

One thing ….. thought you would/could do: Deadlift 300lbs, handstand walk

Advice for people just starting out: Progress slowly, make sure you have the basics down before you move to more weight etc. there is no rush and please don’t injure yourself!! Also consistency is your friend!

Favorite thing about 403: The friendships I’ve made!

I like: lifting heavy things

I eat: cookies, but not as many as I used to…maybe..

I do: not like potty training


Interested in Goal Setting?

We also provide programming, nutritional information and coaching, rehabilitation programs, and one on one sessions. If you want more information, send an email to We would be happy to have a chat with you on how to provide the best experience and results possible.


Equipment and gym space: Please be courteous to all our members by wiping down your equipment and putting it back where it belongs. If you spill something, clean it. If you rip, stop, bandage, and clean it, take your DNA with you, nobody wants you to leave it behind. If you kick the chalk bucket…you get the idea ;). We also ask that you take care of the equipment – please don’t drop empty bars on the floor or any bars with less than 15lb plates per side. If you are having an issue with any broken equipment or things not working correctly, please alert your coach so we can fix it.

Kids: We love your littles and are happy to provide a safe space for them while you focus on your health and wellness and being good role models for them! We ask that you please leave the kids area as you found it or better, and tidy up after them. Also please be aware of what your children are bringing into the kids area. Small items are still very attractive to our littlest members, we ask that no outside items that may be hazardous find their way into the kids area. As a rule, children who are too sick to attend school or childcare are too sick to attend the gym. We also understand if children are not having the best day, but please use your discretion in when they need your attention so that we may provide a positive, distraction free experience for our other members. This also applies to our “escape artists” for their safety and that of our patrons, we ask that you ensure they are at no time on the blacktop during classes. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LITTLES OF ALL AGES REMAIN CONTAINED

Memberships and accounts :

All memberships require 30 days notice for cancellation from the link on our website.If it is less than 30 days, you are responsible for the renewal and depending on your membership type, there may be a cancellation fee applied to your account. Going forward, all memberships need to have a credit card on account and it is your responsibility to inform us should that information change or need to be updated. Declined payments are subject to a $5 fee for online transactions and $25 for NSF cheques.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible and as always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. If you have anything you’d like to share to assist us with this, please email

Events and Comps

  • Sept 9 – Canmore Crusher in Canmore
  • Sept 9/10 – Bridge City Beatdown in Saskatoon
  • Sept 16 – CrossFit 403 Annual Summer Showdown – location to be announced. For 403 Members
  • Oct 21 – CF24 – 24 hours of CrossFit in support of Special Olympics
  • Nov 25/26 – Battle in the Barracks @ CrossFit Currie Barracks


*All Memberships renew AUTOMATICALLY*

**Membership Holds for Medical Reasons only with Dr’s Note**

  • CrossFit 12 month Annual Contract – can be paid upfront or monthly at a cost of $165.00 + tax/mth. This membership renews automatically. To cancel, please provide 30 days notice
  • CrossFit Month to Month membership – Pay month to month at a cost of $190.00+tax/mth. This membership will renew automatically. To cancel this membership, you will need to provide us with 30 days written notice
  • CrossFit Lite – 3 Day/week Membership. This also renews automatically and requires 30 days written notice for cancellation

Going forward NSF or declined payments will now have a penalty of $25 for cheques and $5 for C/C. Please double check and make sure your payment will be processed.

Monthly Schedule And Hours – click below

Please register for classes ahead of time and check in upon arrival so we can staff appropriately.


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