March 2017 Box News

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Box News

5 more days til the final CrossFit Open 2017 WOD is released. Dave Castro and the CrossFit Games crew have again made us work hard each week but we have had so much fun. It has been a PR frenzy and amazing to see so many stepping way outside their comfort zones each week.

This years Friday Night Lights is by far the best yet! 89 people participating, across 3 teams captained by some truly awesome people. Thanks to Gaylene and Heather of the Bedpans, Ryan and Noel of the Big Rigs and Joe and Josh from the Billy Clubs for spearheading some of the most fun weekly themes. The energy, team spirit and commarderie are what truly makes CrossFit 403 the best community of fitness.

With the final WOD released Thursday March 23, we have decided we should wrap up the FNL with a little party. We are hoping to see lots of you out Friday March 24 to hang out, cheer and enjoy your CrossFit gang. We have DJ Big Zig in to spin the beats, Thumbprint Craft Brewery to share some Brews, At Dawn Massage and Ascension Wellness to fix you up after you throwdown and Ascension Float Therapy to share their new business with you.

Look forward to seeing you guys this week in the gym and hitting WODs hard!

Also, check out this link to see the awesome Commercial put together by Jeremy Pollock of Dreadnaught Digital. We are blown away by what he has created and love every piece of it. Share this with everyone, cause it is AWESOME!!

Athlete of the Month – Jim White

Jim White has been with us for a little over 6 months. Most recently I have heard he has improved his 1 km time from 7 mins to under 5 mins, wow – watch out for him once the snow melts, he’s going to be kicking some serious running butt. Very privileged to have Jim and all the Whites with and look forward to watching them progress in fitness and health.


Athlete of the Month: Jim White

Favourite Quote:

My favourite quote has nothing to do with CrossFit – “A clean worksite is not necessarily a safe worksite, however a safe worksite is always a clean worksite” However I do quote H. Jackson Brown from time to time not just from the perspective of exercise, but life in general. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

How long CF? 6 Months

Other things I like to do? I am an avid Go-Kart Racer, need for speed, but in a controlled safe environment. Go into the mountains to bike or hike. Go out for a 5K Jog when the ice is gone (older guys just can’t fall). Work with wood, whether it be building furniture or helping with renovations

Recent PR’s:

Back Squats – 145 lb, Dead Lifts – 195 lb, Front Squats – 185 lb

40 Wall Balls @ 18 lb

Favourite and least favourite movements:

Favourite movements include:

· Front Squats

· Jogging

Least Favourite movements include:

· Not exactly sure why, but Thrusters just wear me out. The motion is not fluid and I hurt for days after doing a few

· Burpees, but hey that’s no surprise, I am not sure anyone would put that as their “Favourite Movement”


Not sure I could identify anything as a strength within the CrossFit Arena. I will always put forward my best, encourage others to put forward their best


I have a couple of short-term goals (3 – 6 mths) –

1. I want to improve my flexibility, specifically in the chest and arms. 6 months ago when I first came to 403, I could not put my arms directly above my head let alone rotate them in behind my back. Simply hanging from the overhead bars was painful as it stretched those muscles. As of today, I still need to focus on improving, but I am so much better.

2. Double-Under Skipping, who would have thought that movement would be so difficult to master. I guess when you have not skipped in over 40 years, it will take some time to master the techniques required to complete even 1 double-under

For a long-term goal (>6 mths) – I want to follow in the example of Shawn and Joe. I want to continue to work on form and motion. Complete a muscle up and just maintain an overall better level of fitness

One thing you’ve done at CF you never thought you would/could?

Box jump – 32”. Actually when I began 6 months ago, I struggled jumping onto a box just 8”. However, the coaches are phenomenal at seeing where you are at with any of the movements and laying out the steps to move you forward at a pace that challenges you, but does not overwhelm.

Advice for people just starting out:

Just do it! Set up your schedule so that you are going to 403 at specific days and times. Don’t make up any excuses to miss, this will help build a habit.

Get to know the other CrossFitters that go to 403, the social aspect will help you to show up.

Don’t worry about those sore muscles, that stiffness does go away (or at least that’s what everyone tells me) eventually

Favourite thing about 403:

The team of coaches, never have I met such a well-rounded and gifted team of individuals that share a common goal (to make me better). They actually care about whether we are meeting our goals or not, and always have opportunity for improvement ideas. The encouragement that I have received over the past 6 months has kept me coming back, and has actually encouraged me to adjust my schedule so I can attend more often thru the week.

Also, the other CrossFitters are so very friendly. They are serious, but not so much that they focus only on themselves. I really get a feeling thru the sessions that we only succeed if we all succeed.

I eat: Pretty much anything that Janelle will let me. She has changed my diet to fit the lifestyle of a fellow over 50, nothing like what I ate when I was under 40.

I do: I am a Health, Safety, Security and Environment Manager for Apache Canada Ltd.

I am: Young at heart, somewhat competitive and generally try to do my best at anything I am challenged to do.

Coaches Corner – A message from Coach Joshabout Virtuosity

I had a topic in mind for this month but as some of you know, I did my CrossFit Level 2 Certificate a few weeks ago and while studying on Saturday night, something really hit home again.

A single word.


Virtuosity is defined as “being able to do the common, uncommonly well”. In CrossFit, we generally speak of this regarding movement. I’ve told many of you “more is not better, better is better”. But it hits home in so many other ways.

Myself, I always strive to do better, in everything. I’ve been doing CrossFit now since 2011, coaching since 2012. I do something almost every day to make myself a better athlete and coach—I watch YouTube, read books, I’ve done more courses and seminars than I can keep track of, I’ve done competitions, and I do the same work you do. Because I want to be better.

This weekend though a familiar thought came into my head. I was tasked with teaching another coach, one on one, how to push press. I’ve taught this hundreds of times, thousands of reps, but I was so nervous to do it under the eye of seminar staff. I got flustered, over talked, and really didn’t do a good job teaching. My coach said to me “you know this stuff, you’ve coached hundreds of hours, I can tell you know it. Just take a breath and come back tomorrow”. I did. I prepared, watched YouTube, read my training manual, studied a movement I’ve done and coached thousands of reps of, and you know what I learned about that movement? Absolutely nothing new. What I learned was that I know this stuff but knowing is not mastery. I enjoy coaching and teaching, I love seeing your light bulbs click on when something sticks, and that won’t change. Between the example that Heather and Regan set, that myself, Ryan, and ALL your other coaches strive for, we know we’ve taught you well, we know you know this stuff.

But guess what, we’re still going to teach you. Again. Relentlessly.

We don’t just want good reps, we want great reps. If that means 30 reps with a dowel before we touch a bar, so be it. We want you to be healthy. We want you to have longevity. We want movement to be natural. That healthy movement will go further towards you being a better athlete than any load will. The 2017 Open has highlighted that for me because of one word, meant as a joke—“spinal”. My favorite Mike Tyson meme, by far, was used so much by people saying that 17.1’s couplet of dumbbell snatches and burpee box jumps left their backs lit up. Well you know what? Other than jokes, I didn’t hear of anyone at 403 that was unable to move the next day. I’ve seen hundreds of reps of snatches this week and the quality of movement at 403 made me so damned proud. I expect a few bad reps here and there in a competition setting, I get it, but I honestly felt like you guys recognize that good movement is better than reps and that makes me happy beyond words. I know at least Heather, Regan, Ryan and I have all been approached at competitions and commended on how well “our” athletes move and look. That’s on you guys, you rock.

We strive to be virtuous as coaches, it’s why we spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to travel, do courses, get more education, learn new methods, and learn new skills. Because we want to better serve you guys. We want to better, because we want to make you better, because “better is better”. By striving for virtuosity on our end as coaches and athletes, we aim to make you virtuous, whether you know it or not.

So, during this CrossFit Open season, it’s time for you to shine. Move with virtuosity, make your reps count, show off how hard you’ve worked. Move fast, work hard—more importantly have fun, dress up, love your community, enjoy the ride. Give ‘er hell 403.

Coach Rook

General Info and Some Housekeeping…

Have you checked out our website lately? Lots of good stuff going on there including updated operating hours, additional yoga classes, price changes and more! Have a friend who would like to try a class for free? Have them go to the website and register for a free trial, under Referal link. If your referral decides to pursue a membership, there are perks for them and for yourself as well just for sending them our way. Don’t miss out!

Many of you may have noticed the additional accessory work whiteboard. This programming is designed to supplement your current training, while building the strength and skill necessary to help you progress your athletic capabilities. In addition to this bonus programming, we have also implemented goal setting sessions with Coach Crip to evaluate your specific goals and create a game plan to keep you accountable and see you smash those goals! We also provide programming, nutritional information and coaching, rehabilitation programs, and one on one sessions. If you want more information, send an email to or speak to your coaches. We would be happy to have a chat with you on how to provide the best experience and results possible.


Equipment and gym space: Please be courteous to all our members by wiping down your equipment and putting it back where it belongs. If you spill something, clean it. If you rip, stop, bandage, and clean it, take your DNA with you, nobody wants you to leave it behind. If you kick the chalk bucket…you get the idea ;). We also ask that you take care of the equipment – please don’t drop empty bars on the floor or any bars with less than 15lb plates per side. If you are having an issue with any broken equipment or things not working correctly, please alert your coach so we can fix it.

Kids: We love your littles and are happy to provide a safe space for them while you focus on your health and wellness and being good role models for them! We ask that you please leave the kids area as you found it or better, and tidy up after them. Also please be aware of what your children are bringing into the kids area. Small items are still very attractive to our littlest members, we ask that no outside items that may be hazardous find their way into the kids area. As a rule, children who are too sick to attend school or childcare are too sick to attend the gym. We also understand if children are not having the best day, but please use your discretion in when they need your attention so that we may provide a positive, distraction free experience for our other members. This also applies to our “escape artists” for their safety and that of our patrons, we ask that you ensure they are at no time on the blacktop during classes. Quick story from Coach Regan – our kids area was created to keep your children safe, its not a jail or pennance, truly safety is the main concern. When Cruz was 2 years old and we were in our garage, I watched in horror as he quickly ran into the garage while a member dropped 135lb thruster from Overhead, it hit him, luckily brushed his shoulder but scared the shit out of me, him and everyone else, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LITTLES OF ALL AGES REMAIN CONTAINED, this is a very true story.

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Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible and as always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. If you have anything you’d like to share to assist us with this, please email

Events and Comps

  • 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games OpenFebruary 23rd – March 22nd Worldwide competition
  • Mar 24th – Final Friday Night Lights Party – onsite will be DJ Big Zig, Thumbprint Craft Beer, Asension Float Therapy, At Dawn Massage, and Ascension Wellness
  • April 22nd – Festivus Games in Pincher Creek


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Monthly Schedule And Hours

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