It’s that Time of Year Again! OPEN SEASON is Upon Us!!!

As many of you know, we are gearing up for the CrossFit Open 2018, and our in house Friday Night Lights Intramural competition. The Open is a 5 week long (Feb 22-Mar 26), worldwide competition in which the top athletes from each region move on the Regionals in the hopes of ultimately finding themselves at the CrossFit Games. CrossFit HQ releases one WOD every Thursday and we take it on every Friday. Each year, we select team captains and do a draft, we tally points throughout the competition (scores, weekly themes, heart and hustle, etc.) and on the final Friday we host a big, potluck celebration. It is a blast!! I’m sure you have heard your coaches and other members of our gym talking about it and can feel the excitement. Many people ask “why should I join the open?” In response to this, I’m sure you have been given some great reasons as to why you should and have been encouraged to give it a go. Well, today I am going to go over the Why nots” we often hear.
1. “I can’t attend every Friday.” Ok, this is valid, we know everyone has other stuff going on in their lives – work, family, travel, whatever. The good news is, we make every effort to accommodate those that can’t come Friday (haven’t left anyone high and dry yet), It’s a family friendly event, and if you are traveling, literally any other Box in the world would be more than happy to have you as well.
2. “I don’t think I’m ready, maybe next year.” Um, do you do CrossFit? The Open WOD’s become part of our regular programming over the course of the 5 weeks, so you will be doing the Open WOD’s regardless. There are RX and scaled divisions, and masters divisions, so you  don’t have to be the top dog when it comes to of all the movements to compete and see where you stack up, not only in house, but on a international level! That in itself is pretty cool. Not only that, The Open is great for measurable results and setting goals for the entire year. Which brings me to…
3. “I can’t do x… (T2B, DU’s, Pull ups, etc.)” Then opt to scale!! Just like every day at the box, we will be there to help you along and coach you through it!! One of the best reasons to join if this is your excuse is that you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!! Every year during the Friday Night Lights, the scene is electric. You will get tips and pointers, the whole gym will be cheering you on, and it is fricken awesome how many people set PR’s with all the things they “can’t do.”
4. “I have an injury” This one is a little tougher to swallow, because there may be movements we would advise you not to do depending on the nature of your injury.The good thing is we will modify whatever is programmed so it is still safe for you to participate. You will still get points for your team just for showing up and being a part of the event. This keeps you moving, motivated, and included in the competition side by side with your people! Regardless of ability, your 403 family has your back and will rally with you!
5.”I hate people, CrossFit, good food, laughing, and or having a good time in general.”…… Yeah, can’t help you with this one. The Friday Night Lights will be all this and so much mores if this is your excuse, I  guess we’ll just have to let you have that one 🙁
Hopefully, you can see that the Open really is for everyone and is a huge celebration within our community of everything we have accomplished so far and the goals we are chasing down. We are all in this together and hope you find the reasons that work for you to be part of this.
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We would like to thank everyone who supported and sponsored our Holiday Giftaway draw. With your amazing generosity we raised $1000 for the Airdrie Food bank. The AFB is very grateful and these funds will go a long way for them and their clients.
We would like to thank the members of the Airdrie Business Club and other businesses who contributed the prizes that made this a success. The Pink Wand Cleaning services, Here’s the Scoop, Ascension Float, Coach Phil, MNP, Pizza Hut, CIR Realty, Lifestyle Distribution and Resupply, Chop Steakhouse Bar, Mountain Health Team, Green Butterfly Co, Toad n’ Turtle, and At Dawn Massage, as well as Coaches Brittany, Alicia, and Rydl for contributions of their services.

2018 Dad Bods and Hot Broads Challenge

The Dad Bods and Hot Broads challenge is underway with a minimum of $1500 in the pot up for grabs. Participants are already reporting positive changes, served up with support from the other challengers and a lethal dose of smack talk to keep the motivation going. We are all looking forward to seeing how everyone progresses and the final results. Keep working hard team, you’re doing awesome!!

February Schedule

  • Family Day Monday – Just a Nooner – sign up soon to reserve your spot
  • Feb 22 – 1st CrossFit Games Open Announcement
  • Feb 23 – CrossFit 403 Friday Night Lights Kicks Off

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