February 2017 Newsletter

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Holy Crap, THE OPEN is 3 Weeks Away!


The Open is a weekly competition comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and it starts with 17.1. The workouts will be released every Thursday during the five weeks of the Open, and you can watch the live announcement of the workout at CrossFit 403 or it will be streamed on the CrossFit Games website. After the workout is released, any athlete who has registered for the Open will have until 5 p.m. PT on the following Monday to submit their best score online.

CrossFit 403 again is registered to participate in the Open Competition. We will be running the weekly Open WOD all day Friday, with a BIG EVENT every FRIDAY Night called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Friday Night Lights this year will be consist of 3 teams of those registered to participate in the CrossFit Open. Team Captains have been selected from our amazing membership, this year Captains have been selected from our crew of Emergency Responders. We have the Billy Clubs (Captains Joe Stubbs/Coach Josh), the Big Rigs (Captains Ryan Bennett/Noel Edwards) and Team Bedpans (Captains Coach Heather R/Gaylene White), they will be doing their best to convince you to get registerd and join their team. If you are on the fence about the Open, get off the fence and join the fun. Points for the aforementioned teams are earned by placing in the top 3 of your division (Scaled, masters, 35-39, etc) and those points will go toward your overall CrossFit 403 team score, with prizes awarded at the end of the 5 weeks and maybe even during the event. As usual, we are looking for team spirit, camraderie, effort, high fives and fun. Still not sure, read a little further down to hear from Coach Josh, who is participating again in his 6th CrossFit Open. And If you are interested, just click below, and make sure to pick CrossFit 403 as your team.

Athlete of the Month – Jennifer Malcolm

Jennifer joined us 3 months ago, and to top it off, she jumped right into the 6am gang. We are very proud of Jennifer and her consistency and effort during those 6am WODs. It has not gone unnoticed and your coaches are very proud and look forward to seeing you each class.

Athlete of the Month: Jennifer Malcolm

Favourite Quote: “Only you can control your future” – Dr. Seuss

How long CF? 3 months

Other things I like to do? Hiking, spending time with my family

Recent PR’s: I feel like weekly I am exceeding what I thought I could do. Most recently would be 80lb squat clean and split jerk.

Favourite and least favourite movements: I like back squats as they make me feel strong. My least favourite, mostly because I can’t do them, would be overhead squats.

Strengths: That I keep trying.

Goals: Too many to list, but one goal would be to be able to do overhead squats.

One thing you’ve done at CF you never thought you would/could? Actually enjoyed challenging my physical capabilities and limits.

Advice for people just starting out: Be consistent, if you stick with it you will be surprised at the gains you make.

Favourite thing about 403: The people and encouraging environment.

I like: Crossfit

I eat: a lower carb diet.

I do: want to keep improving.

I am: happy.


Coaches Corner – A message from Coach Josh on the Open…

When I started CrossFit back in 2011, I didn’t even know what the CrossFit Open was. I never planned on competing worldwide, and I was under no illusion that I was doing the Open to go to the CrossFit Games. This year, 2017, will mark my 6th CrossFit Open and I have to say, my thoughts on the 5 week event have changed drastically.

If you don’t know, the CrossFit Open is a 5 week/5 workout competition that is used by CrossFit HQ to narrow down CrossFit athletes worldwide into the groups that will end up going to Regionals, and from there, qualifying to go the Games. Make no mistake, it had to be somewhat difficult…they do after all, have to get from 325,000 people down to less than a thousand, and finally down to the 200 or less who will compete at the CrossFit Games.

In years past I’ve written many posts about why you should sign up for the Open. I’ve said it’s fun to compare your scores to the best in the world; it’s fun to push yourself and expose some weaknesses; it’s fun to try and beat your buddy’s score. I’ve even gone as far as to offer to pay the $20 registration fee back to you, out of my own pocket, if you regret the decision to enter.

The Open though, it’s more than a few workouts programmed by Dave Castro that we anxiously await each week. It’s about an inclusive test of fitness. As of last year, there are scaled workouts, so if you don’t have muscle-ups you don’t need to struggle with them. If you can’t clean 315lbs, I can’t, you don’t have to! The Open is for everyone and let me tell you why.

The atmosphere…it’s what makes CrossFit 403, “403”. It’s who we are. It’s the cheering, the comraderie, the electric feel; the people. You haven’t truly experienced CrossFit or CrossFit 403 until you’ve been here on a Friday night during the Open. We call it “Friday Night Lights” and it’s when we come together to cheer each other on. It’s truly hard to explain, even for me. Sure, there’s some nerves when you realize that everyone is watching you but guess what—they DO NOT CARE how you do! These people who maybe just worked out before you, or are working out later, they’re there to cheer for your best effort. There’s a saying that “full effort is full victory”, and this is when that rings so true. So, so true.

I’ve put some serious pressure on myself in the past, and for what? Why? I know I’m not going to Regionals. I know I’m not the best athlete in Airdrie. I’m not even close to the best athlete at 403.

I’m better than I was last year though.

This is my measuring stick. The CrossFit Open is my time to remind myself that the hard work pays off, to remind myself that nothing good happens inside my own comfort zone. It’s a truly emotional experience…there’s the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears, but there’s also the overwhelming joy I get seeing all of you supporting each other. It’s a goofy coach thing but I’ve been here for a long time, since before it was even called CrossFit 403 and to see a community of 200 people who otherwise may not have met each other cheering for each other for 5 Friday’s in a row is emotional. You owe it to yourself as a member of this community to experience this. We’re here for you, to cheer for you, to pick you up when you fall down, to help you realize that you CAN do it and that while it may come down to individual performance for your score, we’re all better together.

Coach Rook


General Info and Some Housekeeping…

Have you checked out our website lately? Lots of good stuff going on there including updated operating hours, additional yoga classes, price changes and more! Have a friend who would like to try a class for free? Have them go to the website and register for a free trial, under Referal link. If your referral decides to pursue a membership, there are perks for them and for yourself as well just for sending them our way. Don’t miss out!

Many of you may have noticed the additional accessory work whiteboard. This programming is designed to supplement your current training, while building the strength and skill necessary to help you progress your athletic capabilities. In addition to this bonus programming, we have also implemented goal setting sessions with Coach Crip to evaluate your specific goals and create a game plan to keep you accountable and see you smash those goals! We also provide programming, nutritional information and coaching, rehabilitation programs, and one on one sessions. If you want more information, send an email to info@crossfit403.com or speak to your coaches. Any of us would be happy to have a chat with you on how to provide the best experience and results possible.